Don’t be scared of the “wild” prints

I can’t get enough of animal/reptile prints in apparel or accessories… Leopard print probably ranks highest on my “FUN-Meter” when it comes to mixing it into outfits.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.42.38 PMDo’s:

  • Mix with Prints. ( Florals and Plaids  are my favorite to mix)
  • Wear with delicate lace.
  • Jazz up a cocktail dress with a pair of animal pumps or pashmina!


  • Wearing more than two pieces of animal print in one outfit can be scary
  • Being head to toe in animal print can be dangerous for your fashion status and your health, especially during hunting season
  • Cheap prints look, well, cheap… look for ones that actually look realistic or classy.